The Birth of our trailer, Leslie!

Posted by Jessica Skinner on May 15, 2019

Welcome to our first blog. I have decided to share the journey of Leslie (our trailer) with you as she is the reason we are able to bring you our fantastic waffles and shakes. Here is her conversion from start to finish.

Once I had bought the trailer the first thing that needed doing was to give her a name. One of my favourite TV shows is Parks and Recreation. If you have watched the show you will know that the beloved character Leslie Knope is someone you should strive to be and on top of that she also loves nothing more than waffles. It seemed only right to name the trailer after someone who loves breakfast food just as much as I do.

The first job to be completed on the trailer was to get the new flooring laid. Once I had given Leslie a good scrub the flooring was fitted and the transformation began.

The next step was to design the layout of the trailer. Leslie was initially sent to the welder so that the hatches would open upwards instead of to the side. I thought it was important to offer people some protection from the Scottish rain. To maximise the working space within the trailer I also asked the welder to add legs onto the back ramp. This allows it to be level with the trailer, so I have additional space to work from and it also forms a serving area for my wonderful customers.

After spending many hours searching for the various parts of the kitchen that I needed it was time to place the order and wait for it to arrive. It was a very exciting day for me when the delivery was made. It was finally time for the main chunk of work to begin. She was sent off to our trusty workmen so that they could install the kitchen and the electrics. Some lovely timber shelving was made for the inside and three partitions were designed to allow the serving area to be formed on the back ramp. I was amazed when I first saw the work that had been done to the trailer. The ideas and thoughts that I had had were finally taking shape.